Terms of service

General Conditions

A CONTRACTOR formulated this Contract in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code, of Embratur Normative Resolution n °: 161/85 and also according to the text of the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators Braztoa / Cobrat.

Operator Specific Conditions

  • The CONTRACTOR will act as an intermediary between the CONTRACTING PARTY and the service providers, declining its responsibility for any and all problems, losses or damages, resulting from acts of God or force majeure, that is; strikes, disturbances, quarantines, wars; natural phenomena ( earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, avalanches ), modifications, delays and / or cancellation of air routes due to technical, mechanical and / or meteorological reasons, over which the CONTRACTOR has no predictive power or control.

  • For technical-operational reasons, the CONTRACTOR reserves the right to make changes as necessary regarding itineraries, hotels, services, etc., without prejudice to the CONTRACTING PARTY. If necessary, you can also change the boarding date in order to guarantee air transportation, limiting these changes to one day more or less than the original date, informing the CONTRACTING PARTY about such change and giving you the option to accept the same or cancel your reservation with respective refund.

Specific Conditions Reservation

  • Reservation request : must be made in writing and accompanied by the initial deposit of 20% of the value of the package or US $ 100.00 per passenger ( sign for reservation ). In the case of last-minute reservations, thus considering those effective up to 07 (seven) working days prior to departure from the city of origin, full payment for the chosen package must be made immediately.

  • Payment : full payment must be made immediately after confirmation of the requested services. Failure to complete the payment will allow the CONTRACTOR to cancel the confirmed services, complying with the rules described in the clauses of the refund policy . < / li>

  • Prices may change due to exchange rate variations and / or government resolutions that are proven to change.

  • Change Orders : the change orders will imply the application of penalties to the CONTRACTING PARTY, under the contracts signed by the CONTRACTOR on its behalf.
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    • Presentation for boarding cruises : the CONTRACTING PARTY must strictly follow the times indicated on the vouchers / maritime tickets. < / li>

    • Accommodation : entry into apartments and / or cabins ( check in ) begins if at 2 pm and check out ( check out ) it must be done by 12 noon. The double apartment may have separate beds or not. The triple apartment may consist of a folding bed or sofa bed. The quadruple apartment may not consist of four single beds.

    • Food regime : what is mentioned in the script prevails annex, and the breakfast served in most hotels ( when included in the program ) is the so-called Café Continental , namely: coffee, milk, tea, butter and toast , unless otherwise specified.

    • Transfers and tours : they are regular tourism services, shared with other passengers, and will be carried out in a vehicle of proportional size to the number of people. One medium suitcase per passenger is allowed, plus one handbag. If there is more baggage, the transferor will be subject to an additional charge.
      The transferist will remain at the Airport for up to 40 minutes, after the aircraft has actually landed. If the CONTRACTING PARTY has any problem regarding: immigration; luggage location; or, of any other nature, the service will not be performed and there will be no refund.

    • Baggage : the CONTRACTOR's luggage and other personal items are not the subject of this Contract, and they travel at the CONTRACTING PARTY's risk and expense. The CONTRACTOR is not responsible for the loss, theft, loss or damage that luggage, boards or other equipment may suffer during the trip, for any reason, including its handling in transfers, when this service exists.
      In the event that baggage suffers any damage or loss, the passenger must immediately present a claim to the company that performs the transportation. It is recommended that you take out insurance before starting your trip. On land transfers and excursions, passengers will be entitled to carry a volume of up to 20kg, in addition to hand luggage.

    • Liability for values ​​: the CONTRACTOR is not responsible for theft of documents, valuables and personal items during the trip. It is recommended to check with the hotel for safe deposit boxes.
      Insurance companies in Brazil only offer baggage loss insurance when it was destined for air transportation, therefore, they do not offer insurance if there is one. losses in the airport lounge, inside taxis or transfers, hotel hall or even in the hotel room.

    • The CONTRACTOR does not advise that they be taken items of great value when traveling but, if necessary, it is advisable to take them in hand luggage.
      If the CONTRACTING PARTY chooses to leave valuables in the hotel safe, it is recommended to check the coverage offered in the event of a break-in of the safe .
      The CONTRACTOR still advises that luggage should never be left outside the room, even when requested to do so. If there is a loss in such a situation, the CONTRACTOR is not responsible for the refund of the same.

    • Optional : in the attached script optional tours, visits and restaurants may be indicated. These are not included in the package purchased, constituting a mere suggestion, and the CONTRACTOR is not responsible for their operation and quality.

    • < i> No Show : if the CONTRACTING PARTY does not appear at the hotel during the period requested in the reservation ( no – show ), a penalty will be charged for 01 (one) or 02 (two) daily rates according to hotel rules. For packages, check the specific condition of each program. Some hotels, especially in high season and holidays, do not refund any amount in case of no show or last minute cancellation.