Shipping policy

Specific Conditions of Air Transport

The air ticket is the expression of the Air Transport Contract, signed between the passenger and the transport company, and is therefore governed by international standards ( Convention of Warsaw ) and the Brazilian Aeronautical Code.

Mileage Card: The contractor / passenger who wants to use the mileage plan to obtain a complimentary or "up grade" ticket, you should consult the Contractor and check the amount of credit that will be assigned before deciding. Obs: The negotiation, reservation and issuance of air tickets with miles must be signed directly between the Contractor / passenger and the Airline. The Contractor is not responsible for counting points or other problems related to them, being the sole responsibility of the airline.

< b> Baggage : the transport will be done according to the criteria of the airline company, which, in general, allows the transport of a volume of up to 20kg per person, without payment of surcharges or specific sizes for each company. boards and / or other equipment may be charged an additional fee for boarding them.

In the event of flight delays, accidents, loss or loss of luggage, boards and other equipment, it is previously established that the responsibility will be the exclusive responsibility of the airline in question, in accordance with international standards ( Warsaw Convention ) and the Brazilian Aeronautical Code .

Technical scales are at the discretion of the Aircraft Commander. p>

The price of the aerial part may be readjusted as long as the airline determines it, in accordance with IATA and DAC resolutions. < / p>

The passenger must, under his responsibility: a) present at the airport until 02 (two) hours before the scheduled departure time; b) reconfirm directly at Cia. Aérea, each subsequent flight at least 72 hours before the flight leaves.

The carrier does not may delay a flight to await passengers who may have been detained by tax or police authorities for inspection. Failure to board will characterize the cancellation of the trip and will suffer the penalties specified in the Refund Policy .