Refund policy


Registration and Payment b>

Registration, payment and cancellation will be made as detailed in the Specific Conditions of the program. p>

The prices published on the company's website are in US dollars or euros and the calculations for converting the prices into reais will be carried out using the tourism exchange rate. the day the payment is made and not the date of the reservation.

The operator does not have its own financing, not even it is linked to any company in the National Financial System, so that, in installments, it will not be responsible for charging interest on the financial entity, subjecting the passenger to market interest rates practiced by Banks, Credit Cards and others. span>

Passenger Cancellation or Transfer

In the event of cancellation by of the passenger, the following cancellation fees will be strictly charged:

1) Administrative fee span > - 2%
2) Compensatory penalty:
Cancellation up to 60 days before departure - 50%
span > Cancellation less than 60 days before departure - 1 00%
< / span> 3) Any cancellation fee or penalty charged by the Airlines and / or Maritime, or by hotels and other suppliers.
4) Resorts and boats have specific conditions as per document sent along with this Agreement.

Passengers are permitted in cases when the contracting takes place outside the travel agency's commercial establishment or the operator, exercise its right of repentance, giving up the contracted trip within 7 days of contracting, provided that it does so in writing, in which case the contractor will be allowed to charge an administrative fee in the amount of 2 % (two percent) on the value of the contracted trip and / or tourist program.
In the case of hiring less than 30 days before departure, the passenger will have 48 (forty-eight) hours to exercise his right of repentance, and on that occasion, an administrative fee of 2% will be charged. (two percent), as well as the 10% (ten percent) compensatory penalty due to the proximity of the trip and the evolution of the performance of the contracted services.

Without prejudice to the collection of an administrative fee and a compensatory penalty, it is lawful for the operator to also charge for possible losses and damages, such as fines from airlines and / or land / sea suppliers, resulting from the cancellation of the trip and / or program tour operator.

In any of the cases provided for in the clauses of the cancellation policy by the passenger, the operator will have a term of 30 (thirty) working days for the return of the passenger's money, after the applicable deductions, counted from the day on which the operator receives the cancellation request in writing.

The replacement of passenger names or the request to transfer an exit (or program) to another, represents a cancellation and new order that may suffer the collection of the fees stipulated above, at the sole discretion of the operator and the air, land and sea suppliers involved. The administration and / or communication fee will be charged.

In case of cancellation after the beginning of the trip, the operator will only return the values ​​that you can recover from the suppliers involved.

Cancellation by operator

The operator reserves the right to cancel, advance or postpone any program or modify the itinerary, if necessary, for the safety and comfort of passengers.

Any departure from a group tour that does not gather the minimum number of passengers as mentioned in the “Specific Conditions” of the program, it can be canceled, or have its price recalculated (if in the interest of passengers). In case of cancellation by the operator, the refund of the amount paid will be full and updated by the variation of INPC / IBGE or by the variation in the tourism exchange if this is more beneficial to the passenger.
The operator will have a term 20 (twenty) working days to return the money to the passenger, counted from the day on which the cancellation was decided.

In the event of the eventual cancellation of a group tour departure already guaranteed by the operator, in addition to the full and updated refund of the amounts paid up to ( 20) twenty working days, the operator, at its own discretion, will offer the passenger, in the form of a credit that cannot be converted into cash, the equivalent of 10% (ten percent) of the contracted excursion, which value must be used in the acquisition of any new tour. This credit must be used within one year of the start date of the canceled departure.

In the case of major events < / b>, for example: Reveillon , Carnival, Congresses, etc., reimbursement can only be made if the resale of seats is made, regardless of the date of cancellation, because the land part is previously paid to suppliers. MARITIME PART : Once the cabin is confirmed and guaranteed, no matter how early the cancellation is requested, it will result in the total loss of the amounts paid. In case of climatic variations, the order to set sail will be at the discretion of the Vessel Commander. AERIAL PART : a ) Air tickets included in promotions refer to special reduced fares, implying certain restrictions such as: endorsements, changes in routes, refunds, limited stay at destination, etc. Once issued, if they are not used, the penalties provided for in the tariff rules will be applied and, in case of reimbursement, the same will only be done after reimbursement by the airline.