Legal notice

Documents to be delivered by the Operator

The CONTRACTOR will be providing, after full payment, the issuance of travel documentation, committing to deliver it in a timely manner for the realization of the trip.

In cases of last minute booking, the CONTRACTOR reserves the right to deliver travel documentation at the airport in São Paulo, or by personal email to be indicated by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

Passenger liability documentation h2>

Personal documentation, vaccines, valid passport, etc., are the CONTRACTING PARTY's sole responsibility. Thus, given the impossibility of boarding caused by the lack of any of these, the cancellation of the trip will be characterized, with the penalties of item 5 being applied.

It is mandatory to present the International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever, which must be taken at least 10 days before the start of the trip to all destinations, except the United States of America and Europe. If in doubt, consult your Travel Agent.


Each country presents different criteria for entering the same as: visas, vaccines, questionnaire made locally, etc. , being certain that the CONTRACTOR does not have any link with the authorities of each country, especially with regard to the CONTRACTING PARTY's entry into its territory. Therefore, it is not responsible for any problems that the CONTRACTING PARTY may have with the local authorities.


It is the CONTRACTING PARTY's sole responsibility to purchase Travel Insurance, no the CONTRACTOR having any responsibility for the same.

We recommend that Travel Insurance be purchased, as it is the sole responsibility of the CONTRACTING PARTY the payment of expenses in case of any type of accident during the trip.


Group Travel

The passenger who needs help to get around or constant help for any need, must travel accompanied by a person who can assist him, since the accompanying guide will dedicate himself to attend the group. Failure to comply with this item may result in the impediment of the beginning or continuation of the contracted trip.

The passenger who, in any way, harms the smooth running of the excursion and that of other users may be disconnected from it, without any return or indemnity. In this case, the operator's agent, at the first suitable destination, will assist the user in obtaining the ticket for his return. Additional expenses not covered by the passenger's individual travel insurance are the responsibility of the passenger.


Passenger affected by a serious illness, or carrying aids cardiac, respiratory or similar, or any other serious illness, pregnancy, etc., must declare their condition at the time of booking the reservation, under penalty of being liable for any losses that their condition may cause.


In case of complaints regarding the provision of services, the CONTRACTING PARTY shall forward them in writing to the CONTRACTOR within 30 days after the end of the same, according to Article 26, Item I, § 1 span > o of the Consumer Protection Code. If you do not do so within the stipulated time, the contractual relationship will be considered perfect and ended.


The Forum elected to resolve any issues is located in the State of São Paulo common agreement with the consumer.

NOTE: In this case if the CONTRACTING PARTY and the PASSENGER are not the same person, the latter undertakes to make the entire content of this Contract and its annexes aware of it, being jointly and severally liable for any act of the latter carried out within the scope of the performance of the contract. b>

When purchasing the service package described on the website , the CONTRACTING PARTY and / or PASSENGER declare to know the specific conditions related to the program acquired, so they adhere to the contract, committing themselves, when applicable, also to their family members and companions.